Friday, April 4, 2008

Play Date

Novelle and Andrea came over for a play date with Sabrina, since we are watching them for two days for Susan and Laurie. They all played very nicely, but Andrea fell in the pool twice, my mom and I were both there and were able to pull her out. But she can swim very well.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting up

Hi all,

I am sending out an e-mail to CCI-people about the blog.

Tonight there is no puppy training class, so my mom and I are going to work with Sabrina on the commands "under," "lap," "down," and "visit."

Sabrina has gotten big over the past few months. I will start postinjg pictures soon, I cannot right now because I'm on a school computer. I am also working on a video of her. But iMovie is harder to opperate than it looks.

Sunday she sat with me and six friends at Starbucks for about ten minutes. She was very good she only lunged at one person who walked right by her. We also went to the pet store for her monthly bath. She did vewry well, but got really excited when she saw another dog.

She has not gone out a lot, aside from walks and car rides. We are working with her on walking in busy areas, like parks and downtown Palo Alto.