Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love at First Flight, well actually just first flight

Sabrina took her first plane ride Tuesday night. Everything went smoothly, though I had to help her find a comfortable position under the seat. During take-off I fed her ice to chew on, it distracted her from the rumblings and vibrations.

During the flight my mom, Sabrina, my cat Peary, and I all slept. Since it was the redeye sleep came more easily for Brina. The flight was accident free. She was not so desperate that she needed to use one of the puppy pads in the bathroom, she has a cast-iron bladder.

I think Peary was comfortable with Sabrina laying next to him. He was a lot quieter than he usually is on the six hour flight. Also there was a baby across the aisle from us that made more noise than my row put together.

Now she is enjoying herself at my grandma's house, though at first she was upset that there was no doggy door, she soon realized that she did not want to spend her time in New Jersey's hot and humid weather.