Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I see that you have been voting in the poll and that you would like to ask a person using a service dog questions. Leave a comment with your question Or if you have a question for any of the other options on the poll.

A more personal touch

I have found that raising a puppy is wonderful, especially if I have had a bad day at school. Only once have I gotten really mad, she chewed one of my shoes, and it was kind of my fault for leaving them out, but she had never had an interest in shoes. She also went for my fuzzy inside shoes that really comfortable, but not too tacky, and my dad's leather shoes were next to mine. But I have gotten over it, I have more than just one pair of shoes.

Puppy Class 4/15

Last night a puppuy class, the community center double booked the basement so we had to work outside, and being Californian we were all freezing! I think Sabrina was cold and distracted because she lost her focus very quickly. Norrmally she can focus for more than a minute, even when we arew training outside. Also she gets really excited about all the other puppies, and sometimes she would rather play with the other puppies than pay attention to me and get a hot dog.

Training has been going well, she normally listens and pays attention, but we are still having problems getting her to lay down. She can do it for other people, just not for my mom or I.