Tuesday, December 2, 2008

FACEBOOK!!! & a movie

Hey Everyone,

Now I have my very own facebook page, thanks to my mom!  Search for me (Name: Sabrina Berg, School: Palo Alto High)!  I am always looking for more friends. 

I went to my first movie, Quantum of Solace, with my girl and her friend Anne.  I didn't really get it...people ran around screaming a shooting and making loud noises.  Plus I had to sit on the sticky floor, yuck!  Though according to my dad it was better than most James Bond movies, apparently they are all very bad.  I like happy movies like Air Bud.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Hi everyone! For my birthday Cally, my girl, allowed me to create my very own e-mail address!! It is: wigglebrina2007 at gmail dot com. Please feel free to ask me questions or give me post ideas!

The other day at Cally's school I met a graduate CCI dog! He works with a boy at her school and he is very handsome.

Cally's Foreign Policy teacher calls me the "second semester senior" because I am so good and calm during his class. He hasn't seen me run around the backyard at 200 mph! I love math, our math teacher gives me dog cookies sometimes!

Cally's English class is kinda scary. Some of the kids in there need to go to puppy class and learn how to behave! They cannot even do a sit, let alone a sit-stay. They are so loud and the teacher, who is always nice to me, yells at them forever!

Lunch is fun too because everyone pets me, but Cally won't let them share their lunch with me. It is so unfair!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My ear hurts

During our trip, it was very hot and very humid. Two things we do not experience in the Bay Area. Sabrina developed a yeast infection in her ears. First we just cleaned her ears twice a day, but that wasn't enough, so we had to go to the vet. Our older Golden has severe allergy problems so we are used to ear infections. Sabrina did the typical things - she was a bit more active than usual, she shook her head, she scratched and pawed at her ears.

College Tour with Sabrina

Part of our vacation on the East Coast was visiting colleges. Sabrina came along and seemed to enjoy the process. We drove through New England in my grandfather's ancient station wagon for hours. We stayed at hotels. We walked around college campuses. Usually Sabrina stayed in the waiting area with my mom during my interviews, but the interviewer at Drew really wanted Sabrina to join us. A collapsible wire crate worked really well for staying at hotels. Sabrina felt very comfortable in her "own bed". One hotel allowed pet dogs, but the other did not. Sabrina was welcome at both in her CCI vest. I had the opportunity to speak to lots of people about CCI and raising a service dog puppy. Sabrina got lots of attention.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love at First Flight, well actually just first flight

Sabrina took her first plane ride Tuesday night. Everything went smoothly, though I had to help her find a comfortable position under the seat. During take-off I fed her ice to chew on, it distracted her from the rumblings and vibrations.

During the flight my mom, Sabrina, my cat Peary, and I all slept. Since it was the redeye sleep came more easily for Brina. The flight was accident free. She was not so desperate that she needed to use one of the puppy pads in the bathroom, she has a cast-iron bladder.

I think Peary was comfortable with Sabrina laying next to him. He was a lot quieter than he usually is on the six hour flight. Also there was a baby across the aisle from us that made more noise than my row put together.

Now she is enjoying herself at my grandma's house, though at first she was upset that there was no doggy door, she soon realized that she did not want to spend her time in New Jersey's hot and humid weather.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Novi and Sabrina

This picture was taken a while ago when Novelle and Andrea stayed with us. This picture is of Sabrina and Novi. At this point Novi was a few weeks pregnant (her puppies are now two weeks old), but very chipper.

Long time no see

Hey all,

I have been busy with camp and summer school. But Sabrina has been doing well. She came to summer school with me one day and was very good, especially mostly she had to sit or lay down. It was particularly funny when she licked the guy's foot who sat next to me and he jumped quite loudly during an intense part of the film. Other than scaring the poor guy she was very good, no accidents and only a little squeaking.