Wednesday, May 14, 2008

YouTube Video

I am trying to upload a video on to YouTube, but it is taking forever!!! It is of Puppy Class yesterday!!!! I have free time to work with Sabrina finally, we have STAR Testing for two days, luckily it is easy and I can do the majority of my homework at school, which means that I have more time to spend with Brina!!!

Sabrina decided that pebbles were yummy. She was sick over the weekend, but now she is back to normal. Though eating pebbles can create a large vet bill. She had to have x-rays and couldn't hold any food down until Sunday (she was put on a special diet of rice and chicken), but she is better.

It is hot today so all the pets are quiet and mellow.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom and Me

Here I am with my mom Rowina. There are 9 of us S puppies from Rowina and BajaII. I am the only one in the South Bay area. We now live all over the country from Maine to California.

My girl goes to the Prom

I didn't get to go, they say I am too young for the Prom. But, my girl went and I had my photo taken with her. Don't I look terrific?

Mountain View Parade

On April 26, 2008 the South Bay CCI Chapter participated in the Mountain View Spring Parade. Sabrina was very well behaved, I think she got scared and went to the bathroom in the middle of the street when we started "marching," but other than that she was perfect she stayed at my knee the entire time, I was so proud of her. After the parade there was a festival for the participants and viewers. There were two police horses there and the Policeman was very nice and let Sabrina say hello to his horse. Sabrina got excited and jumped around a little bit, then she calmed down and sniffed the horse and licked him, I am not so sure that the horse appreciated the lick. While we were at the festival the only thing that distracted her was another dog barking at her, and I nearly got my arm pulled off.

There is a picture slide show in the left hand bar of the parade.