Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Hi everyone! For my birthday Cally, my girl, allowed me to create my very own e-mail address!! It is: wigglebrina2007 at gmail dot com. Please feel free to ask me questions or give me post ideas!

The other day at Cally's school I met a graduate CCI dog! He works with a boy at her school and he is very handsome.

Cally's Foreign Policy teacher calls me the "second semester senior" because I am so good and calm during his class. He hasn't seen me run around the backyard at 200 mph! I love math, our math teacher gives me dog cookies sometimes!

Cally's English class is kinda scary. Some of the kids in there need to go to puppy class and learn how to behave! They cannot even do a sit, let alone a sit-stay. They are so loud and the teacher, who is always nice to me, yells at them forever!

Lunch is fun too because everyone pets me, but Cally won't let them share their lunch with me. It is so unfair!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cally,

The CCI graduate dog you met at school is "Loken" and he belongs to my son, Kevin, who is a Junior in a special day class. It was fun to meet Sabrina. We hope to run into you again sometime.

My husband has a blog where he sometimes posts about Kevin and his wonderful CCI dog Loken